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Adrian King

Producer, Director & Artist
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Redboat provides award winning 2d & 3d animation, visual-fx, motion graphics and video production to clients around the world. Our crew consists of world-class script-writers, designers, animators, visual-fx artists, compositors, editors, and film-makers. Using secure cloud-based technologies to enable distributed collaboration Redboat is able to hand pick the perfect crew, talents, skills and resources for each and every project. For large 3d animation projects, we command a cloud-based render-farm of over 4000 CPUs.

Adrian King has been operating as an independent producer, director, designer and artist under the banner Redboat for over 10 years. His career spans 18 years specialising in animation and visual effects for television, film and interactive media. Prior to establishing Redboat Adrian was the founding owner of the respected Sydney based boutique animation & visual-fx company RGB Pictures Pty Ltd.

As a producer, Adrian is highly organised and methodical with passionate attention to detail, a competent leader and motivator of local and distributed teams. Adrian has a deep, hands-on, creative and technical understanding of every facet of animation, visual-fx, and motion graphics, having started his career as an animator and visual-fx artist. He's also experienced in producing and directing live action video, including events and live-streaming.

Redboat has over two decades of experience delivering animation, visual effects and video production for corporate and government video, science communication, TVCs, TV series, promos/idents, documentary, films, live events, education and interactive media.

We're a versatile, agile and adept team, and we love our work.


"We used Redboat to tell a complex story in a short animation. We were completely happy both with the result – it make quite an impact at the time and is still being used successfully – and with the professional way in which Adrian interacted with the team in developing and fine-tuning the brief. I enthusiastically recommend his work generally and have done to others who might be looking for similar services."

Mike Grundy, Research Director - CSIRO

"...fantastic, great value work and his flexibility and commitment to always do the right thing by the job and to ensure the very best outcome is to be admired..."

Jamie Webster , Creative Director - Xavier Advertising

"...an exceptional job on a recent extremely complex and high profile 3D animation project. If you need a highly committed person, Adrian is the right person."

Cristiano Alarcão, Producer - Massive Interactive

"...successfully manages the fine balance between pushing the boundaries for the client while keeping the artist happy and sane."

Julian Tylney Taylor, VFX Supervisor - Bold VFX

"Adrian King is one of the best producers I know. He is a straight shooter with excellent communication skills and an even temperament."

Nigel Haslam, Senior Animator/VFX Artist


Winner - Promax LA 2002

Winner of Best Animated Idents Promax LA Award for Best Animated Ident with 'Singapore TV Channel Idents'. (Animated by Adrian King).

Finalist - Australian Effects & Animation Festival 2002

Finalist for Titles, Idents & Stings Award at the 2002 Australian Effects & Animation Festival, with 'Sour Grapes Film Festival Titles'. (Designed, produced & directed by Adrian King.

Finalist - Australian Effects & Animation Festival 2003

Finalist for VFX Commercials Award at the 2003 Australian Effects & Animation Festival, with 'Tic Tac TV Commercial'. (VFX supervision & direction by Adrian King)

Finalist - Australian Effects & Animation Festival 2003

Finalist for 3d Animated Commercials Award at the 2002 Australian Effects & Animation Festival, with Emirates Airlines TV Commercial, (Produced & animated by Adrian King)