Most people don't understand complex scientific ideas.

We turn complex research and information into attractive, easy to digest animation.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Animation & Video Production

For Science Communication

Explaining complex, technical ideas and information quickly and in simple terms requires a methodical and strategic approach. But to make them engaging and compelling requires imagination and creativity. Animation combines these to enable you to communicate big picture research, fast and clearly to everyone.

We understand that science communicators are often spread over several campaigns with tight schedules and need a responsive creative service. With our proven 5 stage process you can relax and know the hard work is being taken care of for you.

We offer you our award-winning animation & video production service to achieve your communication objectives faster. Our focus is on delivering more value to your stakeholders and business.

We have helped leading science organisations, including CSIRO, DATA61 and Geoscience Australia, communicate with confidence to the public, stakeholders, businesses and policymakers.

Our work has helped a front cover Nature Journal paper engage an even wider audience and engage policymakers with important science. Our science communication animations have been picked up and hosted on several major news sites (Fairfax, etc), massively increasing reach.

As an an experienced science-communication provider and a proud member and sponsor of the Australian Science Communicators Association, we understand the complexities of balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders, public interest and government agencies.

We’re proud to help Australia’s scientists and science communicators make important research, concepts and information accessible and interesting for everyone.


For science communicators & communication managers

Science Communication Animation Checklist
15 action items to kickstart the creative process
What you need to get an accurate quotation


Our clients say:

The animations were the point of the wedge in generating public interest.

Opened the doors for interested people to dig deeper, read the tech paper and data.

Helped bring the scientists and senior executives together.

Created an interest factor that was difficult to derive from the Nature paper itself.

The animation was picked up and hosted on several major news sites (Fairfax, etc).

The animation was great for engaging with ministers offices.


Redboat client logos Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy and DATA61
Redboat client logos Xavier Advertising and BWM Dentsu
Redboat client logos ATO Safe Work Australia CSIRO and SRH
Redboat client logos Australian Internet Advertising and Geoscience Australia

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"Redboat helped us to create an online animation for interested parties to lean about Marine Zoning. We had a short turnaround time and very specific requirements, which did change at our end during the course of the project. The team at Redboat were wonderful. They offered suggestions to improve the process along the way, never seemed phased by last minute changes and were generally a pleasure to work with. We were thrilled with the end product. I’d highly recommend their services. "

Vivienne Sykes, Brand and Content Manager - Parks Australia
Department of the Environment and Energy

"We used Redboat to tell a complex story in a short animation. We were completely happy both with the result – it make quite an impact at the time and is still being used successfully – and with the professional way in which Adrian interacted with the team in developing and fine-tuning the brief. I enthusiastically recommend his work generally and have done to others who might be looking for similar services."

Mike Grundy, Research Director - CSIRO

"...fantastic, great value work and his flexibility and commitment to always do the right thing by the job and to ensure the very best outcome is to be admired..."

Jamie Webster , Creative Director - Xavier Advertising

" exceptional job on a recent extremely complex and high profile 3D animation project. If you need a highly committed person, Adrian is the right person."

Cristiano Alarcão, Producer - Massive Interactive

"...successfully manages the fine balance between pushing the boundaries for the client while keeping the artist happy and sane."

Julian Tylney Taylor, VFX Supervisor - Bold VFX

"Adrian King is one of the best producers I know. He is a straight shooter with excellent communication skills and an even temperament."

Nigel Haslam, Senior Animator/VFX Artist


Finalist - Australian Effects & Animation Festival 2017

Finalist for Animated Commercials with 'The All New Hino 500 Wide Cab' 30 second 100% 3D animated TV commercial

Winner - Promax LA 2002

Winner of Best Animated Idents Promax LA Award for Best Animated Ident with 'Singapore TV Channel Idents'. (Animated by Adrian King).

Finalist - Australian Effects & Animation Festival 2002

Finalist for Titles, Idents & Stings Award at the 2002 Australian Effects & Animation Festival, with 'Sour Grapes Film Festival Titles'. (Designed, produced & directed by Adrian King.

Finalist - Australian Effects & Animation Festival 2003

Finalist for VFX Commercials Award at the 2003 Australian Effects & Animation Festival, with 'Tic Tac TV Commercial'. (VFX supervision & direction by Adrian King)

Finalist - Australian Effects & Animation Festival 2003

Finalist for 3d Animated Commercials Award at the 2002 Australian Effects & Animation Festival, with Emirates Airlines TV Commercial, (Produced & animated by Adrian King)